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[10x] 4" Round LED Trailer Tail Light 24 LED Stop Turn Signal Brake Marker Running Lights w/ 3 Wire Pigtail Plug for Trucks Trailer RV Boat [IP67 Waterproof] [DOT Certified]

  • $ 149.95

Size: 10 Pack  |  Color: Amber

No Wasted Time

When you?re deciding if you should upgrade to LEDs, one major consideration is ?time invested vs reward.? Let?s make it easy for you. Our lights are the industry standard 4? lights so no modification is needed to install them. An industry standard grommet (not included) quickly locks your lights in place and the lights are direct, wire for wire, replacement for your dual filament stop/tail turn/parking lights (amber/red) and reverse lights (white). It doesn?t get easier than this.

Standard Size, Non-Standard Abilities

Do these features make the lights worth the small investment of time? Absolutely! 24 super-bright colored LEDs behind a diffused polycarbonate lens blow away standard bulbs and make you more visible and safe at night, in fog, and in the rain. And speaking of rain, our lights are IP67 submersible waterproof rated so you don?t have to worry about the weather or the lake.

Yes, They Will Work for You

Whether you're upgrading your tractor, trailer, or Jeep, these lights are the ideal choice. And since our lights are SAE and DOT FMVSS-108 certified, you can be sure that they are a perfect fit and completely legal.


  • SAE and DOT FMVSS-108 Certified
  • Take industry standard sized 4" round grommets
  • 24 Colored LEDs with Colored Lens
  • Submersible Waterproof Rating
  • 3 Wire Pigtail Plug Connector Included
  • Parking/Turn/Brake for Amber 
  • 2-Year Warranty

  • PERFECT FIT - SAE & DOT FMVSS-108 certified standard 4" size using a 4-1/2" cutout makes it easy to upgrade the dim, burnt-out, or damaged lights on your tractor, trailer, work truck, or Jeep.
  • READY FOR THE WEATHER - With a sonically sealed, submersible, IP67 waterproof rating, our lights are better suited to deal with the elements. Go ahead, back them into a lake, they won't mind.
  • BRIGHTER LIGHTS SAFER NIGHTS - We packed 24 LEDs into our SAE & DOT FWVSS-108 certified tail lights, that's twice as many as other LED tail lights on the market. Why?
  • PERFECT FIT - for 12v vehicles equiped such as tractor, trailer, work truck, lorry, van, caravan, camper, RV Jeep, Boats / Marine, motorcycles, bicycle, car, ATVetc.
  • STAND OUT - Our amber and red lights offer two intensity levels to function as parking lights or turn/brake lights, while the white lights offer a straightforward, one intensity, super-bright reverse/back-up light.

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