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All Star Truck Parts] 2x 2.5 Round Red Led Clearance Side Marker Rear Bumper Fender Mount Lights Kit Light 6 Screw Rubber Mount Wire Pigtail Truck Trailer Rv Waterproof 12V Sealed

  • $ 24.50

Red LED, 2.5" round, Side Marker Clearance Lights Great replacement for incandescent lights, no bulbs to replace. Sealed housing and lens (waterproof seal), Includes 2 wire pigtail plug and rubber grommet for easy connection! 13 Red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Meets DOT FMVSS 108/SAE Requirements

  • 2 Pack 2.5" Diameter round; 6 Diodes and great replacements for incandescent lights; Red Lens Waterproof LED trailer light serves as either a side marker light or clearance light when properly mounted; Accepts standard 2-prong plug, Surface Rubber Mount installation with 2 screws
  • Small size with 7 Diodes brings you powerful brightness & make them a popular choice for drivers with limited space but a desire to be seen and also Miro-reflex faceted reflector provides increased light output with a contemporary appearance;
  • This 2.5" round LED lights are a popular choice for nearly every light panel for your trucks; commonly found on air cleaner light bars, cab and sleeper kits, bumpers, rear center panels, and all sorts of other places;
  • The waterproof construction of this light makes it ideal for use on trailers that may be submerged, like a boat trailer. The housing and lens are sonically sealed together to create a single unit, which means that water will not get into the light and damage the diodes or circuit board.
  • This type of light can be used as either a side marker light or a clearance light, but it cannot function as both. If you need both functions, then you must install 2 separate lights on your trailer - one as a front or rear clearance light and one as a side marker light.

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