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Waterproof Reflective Safety Tape Roll 1"/2" Yellow Black Striped Floor Marking Tape Hazard Caution Warning Tape Auto Truck Self-Adhesive Safety Sticker Strips for Wall Factory Trailer

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Floor Marking
Safety professionals make most floor warning tape black and yellow striped so "watch your step" is universally understood without language barriers.When people see the striped safety warning tape, they know to step with caution- no words needed!Perfect for marking your facility's aisles,walkways,safety hazards,storage areas,lining the edges of your floor,putting a mark for a parking space

Traffic safety warning sign
Great for road markings,vehicles,transport facilities,vehicles,ships,fairways and mechanical equipment.
Sticking the tape to your trailer,truck or car,high-reflective makes it can be seen by other drivers or pass-by in the dark or low light environments to raise awareness on the roads and reduce unnecessary accidents

Mark Hazards
Can be used to send a clear message that an area is off-limits or dangerous,ensure all dangerous or off limits areas are separated by our highly visible safety tape,to reduce unnecessary accidents!

Divide spaces,create aisles, or provide directions
Our Reflective safety tape can also be useful for helping workers put materials and equipment back in the right place. Creating distinctions between finished goods, raw goods, to-be-repaired goods, and equipment ensures mistakes are minimized and productivity and safety are both at the highest levels.

Great for home Safety
The non-slip tape can prevent slipping and falling for children, aging adults and pets. It reduces the risk of accidents on slippery wood, marble and tile stairs.

Used for Packing
It is also ideal for bundling heavy items and it will definitely keep intact.

Package Include

  • Each roll of reflective tape is thickness:13.8 mil(0.35MM),along with an additional layer of honeycomb&prismatic pattern for added visibility.Absolutely! This is truly pro-grade industrial marking tape that will hold up anywhere you need to convey that people should step with caution!When people see the striped safety warning tape,they know to step with caution- no words needed!Can be used to mark your facility's aisles,walkways,safety hazards,storage areas
  • 【Ultra Reflective】Our hazard caution stripe is equipped with a highly visible honeycomb&prismatic pattern with smooth surface that reflects light better at night or low light environments.Highly visible yellow and bold black color scheme make it more eye-catching that won’t go unnoticed when entering a hazardous area.Great for walls,floors,pipes and equipment,used to mark hazards,divide spaces,create aisles,or provide directions.
  • 【High Strength Polymer Adhesive】This reflective tape has a strong industrial strength adhesive,can be stuck on any surface,metal,wood,plastic and nylon,resist peeling and tearing that other brands can't match.It is stretching and conforming around even in curved surfaces and corners because of the pressure sensitive adhesive,It is resistant to solvents such as kerosene,gasoline,diesel,toluene and turpentine,can withstand extreme temperatures,lasting for a long time without peeling off!
  • 【Water-proof】Our reflective safety sticker is 100% waterproof,has a flat,smooth,wear resistant,non-slip surface;reflective surface will not fade even under constant exposure to sun or on varying weather conditions.Strong self-adhesive backing is moisture,chemical and weather resistant for a long lasting using.Don't tolerate ugly,scuffed tape!You won't have to constantly replace tape because our high-quality tape won't crack,peel off or scuff even in high-traffic areas.
  • 【Wide-range in application】Safety professionals make most floor warning tape black and yellow striped,so "watch your step" is universally understood without language barriers.They are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing facilities for floor marking.Besides from being used as a warning sign,they can also be used for lining the edges of your floor or putting a mark for a parking space. It is also ideal for bundling heavy items and it will definitely keep intact.

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