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White DOT-C2 Reflective Tape Conspiciuity Tape - COMMERCIAL ROLL, HIGH INTENSITY, STRONG ADHESIVE- Automobile Car Truck Boat Trailer Semi (White)

  • $ 9.95

Our reflective tape is retro reflective visible in excess of 1000 feet, the flexible polymeric film contains cube corners (effectively micro prisms), these allow it to be mounted in any position or angle and reflect the light back at an angle that is visible. The upper surface is completely smooth and is UV stable. Features a ultra strong adhesive and thick material, with extra crystal lattice film layer. Great for safety marking/warning tape on floors and other surfaces.

  • Qty 1 High Quality Reflective Safey/Conspicuity Waterproof Tape.
  • Ultra Reflective Crystal Lattice Film Layer (PVC Material). Durable Material/High Quality Adhesive.
  • White Honeycomb Design, Visible from 90 Degrees for enhanced reflectivity.
  • Various Lengths
  • Aggressive Adhesive: Strong and Durable for Easy Application to Smooth Surfaces

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